Monday, April 14, 2008

Jane Eyre vs. Wide Sargasso Sea


Comparing Novels:
These two novels have quite a bit of similarities, yet they differ a lot as well. Similarly, they are both on the same type of story just with point of view from a different character. Jane Eyre is from the view point of Jane who eventually marries Rochester. Rochester was originally married to Bertha. Wide Sargasso Sea is the story of Antoinette who is really Bertha. It was really interesting to read these two stories and to see it from the perspective of differing characters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading both of them, although I was sort of disappointed with the ending of Wide Sargasso Sea, because I wanted everything to work out for her. Some other similarities I saw, were that Rochester was pretty much still the same person that he was in Jane Eyre. He was still the same rude, indifferent man in WSS that he was in Jane Eyre. The way that Bertha did in Jane EyreI was the same way that Antoinette died in WSS.
There were several differences that were quite noticeable as I read both of these books. First off was the name difference. I wonder why Jean Rys decided to change her name, it just seemed wierd to me. Secondly was the time change. WSS's setting was set before emancipation, which differed to Jane Eyre. Lastly, was my perspective as a reader. When I read Jane Eyre I didn't feel bad for Bertha because I really believed that she was crazy. When I read WSS, my opinion was completley changed. After reading it, I felt as if she was not crazy until the end and that Rochester was really the one that made her turn crazy. In Jane Eyre I totally thought that Bertha was really crazy, but after reading WSS, I felt that it was the complete opposite. These were just a couple of the differences that I noticed as I read both of these books.
Overall, I was glad that I read both of these books, because reading WSS helped me to better understand Jane Eyre. They were both really interesting and actually kept my attention as I read both of them. Also, they were fun topics to discuss in class, because we could relate the two books to the same story. Even though I was left with disappointment after reading them, I still really enjoyed reading both of them!!!

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