Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jane Eyre: Novel vs. Movie

The story of Jane Eyre is a unique and different story that was written by Charolette Bronte. In the novel Jane was described as a young orphan who lived with extended family that didn't want her. They would store her away in the "red room," if she didn't do exactly what they said or was being punished for any reason. The family also beat her as well, and they just showed no care or support for her at all. This was shown through the movie as well. Although I would prefer the novel over the movie anyday, because it is easier to understand and not as boring. Overall I thought the movie was fairly boring considering that it was nearly 4 hours long. It showed alot of the charactersitics of Jane from in the book. It was basically an overview of her life, just less descriptive and not as well told. Although the movie did help me to understand the novel just a little bit more, I still felt like it was nowhere near as good. Its kind of just like Othello, because i thought that the novel was much better, but the movie helped to put everything together and to just make it all that much more clear. I liked how Jane was shown as a strong girl who was searching for her independence all throughout her life. She strived to better herself, and didn't want to settle for less. For example, by her not marrying him because of his first marriage with Bertha. Therefore she went out on her way to make something more of herself. Although it made me happy to see that in the end she got what she wanted and her and Rochester finally got together. I feel this way because I could sense that deep down Rochester was good, and that he had all the right intentions, but they just seemed to come out the wrong way. I really did enjoy reading and wathing these two versions of the novel, all in all, I feel that this was an interesting story and it is one of my favorites out of the novels that we have read thus far.

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