Sunday, March 9, 2008


The Queen Anne's Revenege:

This website listed above shows a map of what is remaining of the Queen Anne's Revenge. This map is shown in great detail and gives a great showing of where everything is located on the bottom of the ocean floor. Edward Teach, mostly known as Blackbeard was the pirate in charge of this ship which was sailed during the year of 1718. It was considered to be the largest pirate ship to sail the Spanish Main. It wrecked June of 1718 at Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina. Blackbeard used his ship to win over nearly 18 other ships. The Queen Anne's Revenge was considered to be his biggest and most useful weapon. Some say that she was most likely launched in Great Britain in 1710, during the War of the Spanish Succession known as The Queen Revenge's War. Although it is not for sure, it is documented that this ship was once known as the Concord, until it was captured by the French in 1711. The Concord, was one of the ships that Blackbeard had stolen and then renamed it to The Queen's Revenge. He used her in the blockade of Charelston in May of 1718. It is said that this victory was his greatest achievement as a pirate. Not much information is known on the actual wrecking of the ship, but it is said that a couple of days after the victory at Charleston she was taken aground and was to be never seen again.

Columbia River Shipwrecks:

During the 1700's there was several ship wrecks which occured near the Columbia River. More than 200 have been documented shipwrecks which occured in this specific area. This is tremendously large amount considering that it is just a river. During 1776-1777, there were several missions which included the crossing of this river, leading to the large amount of shipwrecks in this area. There was one shipwreck which was known to have survivors which landed is nowaday Oregon and were attacking by Indians. Supposidly they hid their treasure along the shore. This is spectical because none of it has been found, well at least not reported. Basically this is saying that the buried treasure chests could have been found by people who just decided to not report it. Though most dont believe that this could happen, but nowadays you just never know.

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