Sunday, March 23, 2008

Robinson Crusoe Thesis

Thesis: Robinson Crusoe seems to have not changed throughout the course of the novel for he is still sef-centered, rude and controlling.

"I sent seven women." p. 220
This quote just goes to show that at the end of the novel he still has litte respect for women. In this quote he just speeks of women as a object that is just for the men to use on the island. This is a perfect example of how much Crusoe didn't change throughout the novel.

"When the captain was gone, I sent for the Men up to me to my apartment." p. 199
Basically this shows that he is in charge and that is controlling. This quote is shown at the end so it just goes to prove that he only cares about himself and wants service to himself.

"I order'd Friday, and the Captians Mate, to go over the little Creek Westward." p.190
All that I have to say about this quote is the word "ordered." Who is he to think that he can just boss around everyone and just order them around. He is no higher rank in life than any of these men, therefore I just dont understand where he gets it from.

"O, Master." p. 181
This is Friday calling him his master. Friday is a savage and there is no reason why he should be calling Crusoe his master. It just makes no sense. This just proves that he wants all attention on him, and that he wants everyone to follow only him and to do him service.

"I ask'd him how he throuhgt they would recieve a Proposal from me, which might tend towards an Escape?" p. 176
In this quote he is talking about Friday when he is scared that he is going to run away from him, but he says that he is his slave and that he will not allow him to. This just goes to show how controlling he is over a person. This quote really does make me believe that he really hasn't changed one bit.

"I had secur'd my two weak Prisoners."
Here he is speaking of the other natives in which he is taking in to be his slaves. This just continues to bother me that he simply just doesn't care. I think that my biggest problem with this would be that he treats all of them as his slaves, but he thinks that they are all just best friends only because he provides them shelter.

"The next day I set him to work." p. 154
Crusoe talks about the continuous work load he gives for Friday to complete. Just another example of how much he has not changed.

"I return'd to my Castle." p. 152
Here he is referring to the island as his castle and that he is the king of it, and that Friday is just one of his servants. I guess that maybe 28 years on an island could make one go a little crazy and his was that he thought that he was king.

"first i made him know his name should be Friday." p. 149
Basically Crusoe names him based on the day that he finds him. This sounds more like a pet name and is not a normal human name. It is a good symbol for how he treats him throughout the book, because he basically treats him as his pet.

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